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Yes! Please see our most recent job postings on

We do not currently offer the sale or shipping of our products directly.  Please check our product locator for our retail partners in your area.

We are not currently able to offer tours of our production facility in Holland, MI.

We have many gluten free flavors!  There is a GF icon on the side and top of our containers for all gluten free flavors. Our product pages on the website here have information as well on which flavors are and are not gluten-free. We do process gluten on the same equipment as our gluten free flavors, but the lines are thoroughly cleaned afterwards and we test the equipment to verify all the gluten has been removed.

Our Kosher inspections and certification are through Metropolitan Kashruth Council of Michigan and bear the Shield K Kosher symbol.

This symbol is near the barcode on Kosher products.


If properly stored between 0-5 degrees fahrenheit and unopened, ice cream can last up to 18 months in the freezer.