We Are Makers

Since 1926

We have been a full-time ice cream manufacturer, and we’ve never looked back. Hudsonville Ice Cream was originally founded by Dick Hoezee, who grew the business to tremendous heights until the company was sold to the Ellens family in 2003. Our facilities were soon relocated from Hudsonville, MI, to the nearby town of Holland, MI, which has spurred the growth that you see before you today. The move enabled Hudsonville Ice Cream to acquire unprecedented manufacturing capacity, mix-making and bulk handling equipment, new fillers, an additional hardening freezer, fully automated packaging and palletizing, best-in-class robotics, a new dry goods warehouse and one of the largest cold freezers in the industry. Our drive to continue bringing the best possible experiences and creations to our consumers has led our expansion and innovation to new lines, products and flavors, and we have no plans of stopping. Our ice cream is produced with the best-quality ingredients by the best-quality people. Our goal is to continue investing in our people, capabilities and facility so that we can provide a comprehensive end-to-end ice cream experience for all.

More Than Ice Cream

Much of our success can be attributed to our highly skilled ice cream artisans, many of whom have decades of experience with the company. In addition to our dedicated, well-trained production team, we bring a value-add approach to our work to make ideas and flavors come to life. With the added guidance of our food safety and quality team and our R&D food scientists, we guarantee that we’ll exceed your expectations of high quality and innovation. Our team is committed to constant improvement. We are always looking for ways to sharpen our skills, enrich our relationships and encourage the people around us. We value personal growth – for ourselves, and for the good of our families, friends and communities.

Real Ice Cream

At Hudsonville we have been making real ice cream, using the same base recipe since 1926. We pride ourselves in creating delicious, high-quality ice cream that is made with the freshest ingredients and crafted with exceptional care. We believe that ice cream is a treat that should be savored, and we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Our ice cream is made using locally sourced cream and milk. Our ice cream is made using a process that starts with selecting the finest ingredients and then we use our best-in-class technology and methods to ensure that our ice cream is rich, creamy, smooth and packed with flavor. We take great pride in the quality of our ice cream, which is why we never cut corners in our process. We have and will always carry 26 core family size flavors, but also offer a rotating selection of seasonal flavors and limited-time offerings. Moreover, we have a portfolio that also includes a variety of pint, bar and licensed product flavors. At Hudsonville, we believe ice cream should be fun and bring happiness to all, and we love to experiment with new flavors and ingredients to keep things fresh and exciting. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, real ice cream experiences and exceptional customer service. We invite you to taste the difference that quality ingredients and careful craftsmanship can make!