Below is a list of available positions that we are looking to hire.
Please submit your resume to talent@hudsonvilleicecream.com.

  • Production Worker- 3rd Shift
    Position Summary

    Looking for a production worker with leadership potential. Responsible for producing product, cleaning equipment, and involved in work including; preventative maintenance, plant cleaning, machine changeovers, cleaning and tear down of piping and equipment, assisting with other mechanics, etc. This person will be willing to take initiative and look for opportunities to continuously improve operations. You must operate safely and in compliance with food safety and GMP standards.
  • Manufacturing Manager
    Position Summary

    The Manufacturing Manager is responsible for the successful operations of the plant which include; general supervision of all phases of production, quality control, equipment maintenance, procurement, receiving and shipping. Responsibilities also include recruiting, hiring, training of personnel and facility/physical plant up-keep.
  • Senior Buyer
    Purchasing – Senior Buyer

    Opportunity Finder, Relationship Builder, Evaluator

    You’re obsessed with manufacturing supply chains and passionate about ensuring excellence with material that is on-time, to specification, and at a price that is collectively good for the supply chain. You drive excellence with your desire to measure performance, drive improvement, and are skilled at developing a supply chain that equally values excellence.
    You are future focused, developing a world class supply base that effectively balances supply chain resiliency, yet providing flexibility and an adaptive response to changing business needs, monitoring the ever changing business and supply conditions, proactively identify supply constraints, and aggressively mitigating the financial impact of those changing conditions to all partners. You are highly attuned to supply chain resiliency and are constantly reevaluating strengths and weaknesses and finding great competitive supply chain Partners that can be relied upon to get it done.
    You value Partnerships and invest time in their development. You are highly selective and understand that our reputation and future is built on finding partners that want to be part of the family, can deliver “quality,” and long -term advantages in synergy for all stakeholders. You can effectively evaluate a supplier from financial stability, operational capabilities, and asses their quality mindset.
    You love to find the best path that is advantageous for all parties developing long term win/win relationships. You like to spend wisely managing the balance of save now / pay later and understand that it is not just about the piece price, but finding the best balance of total supply chain costs