Our pint flavors are so good, we created a holiday to celebrate! And even better, we're giving away 25,000 FREE pints on March 6!

From our over-the-top Extra Indulgent lineup to our creamy, dreamy Dairy Free pints, we have a pint for everyone. Get your coupon now, while supplies last.

Have a question? Check out our FAQs below.
To print your coupon, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click the “Click Here” button on the image shown.

Step 2: Then, fill out the form and click "Submit."

Step 3: Your coupon is now ready to print. If you don't have access to a printer, you can email yourself a link to print the coupon later. We recommend printing as soon as you can! Emailing yourself a link will not hold your coupon.

Step 4: Use our Scoop Locator to find a store that sells pints near you.


What is Pint Day?
Our pint flavors are so delicious, we had to create a special day just to celebrate! Pint Day is a holiday created by Hudsonville Ice Cream in 2019. Now in its third year, we’re giving away 25,000 free pint coupons in our biggest single-day giveaway yet!

How do I get a free pint coupon?
To get your free pint coupon, print your coupon above! Coupons are limited to one per person and only available while supplies last.

What flavors are available?
All of our pint flavors are available! You can redeem your coupon for any flavor of our Extra Indulgent pint line or our Dairy Free pints.

Where can I find pints and redeem my coupon?
You can find our pints in stores located throughout the Midwest. Use our Scoop Locator to find a store near you. Our pints are sold at Meijer, Schnucks Markets, and some Kroger and SpartanNash stores.

How long is the coupon valid for?
You have 14 days to use this coupon from the day it was printed.

What if I don’t have a printer?
The best option is to “print” your coupon as a PDF so you can print it when you do have access (or can ask a friend or family member, or visit a local library to print).

You may also text or email yourself a link to print your coupon later, when you have access to a printer. However, this option will only work as long as coupons are still available – you will not be able to print once all coupons have been claimed, and sending yourself a link does not hold your coupon for you.

If you’re unable to print, we hope to have more offers in the future for you to claim without using a printer.