Introducing Hudsonville Ice Cream Pints

Our team has been perfecting the art of ice cream making for more than 90 years. In fact, many of our creamy and delicious flavors use a base recipe that was created back in 1926! While our recipe hasn’t changed, we’ve continued to create new and exciting flavors that have become fan favorites.

From the classic flavors you know and love to seasonal Limited Edition ice creams, we want to make sure our customers have the ability to choose how they want to enjoy their favorite flavors—whether that means sharing a scoop from a carton with someone they love or popping open a pint that’s just for them.

As such, we’re excited to announce that seven of our most beloved flavors will soon be available in pints, including:

Creamery Blend Vanilla
Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Mackinac Island Fudge
Traverse City Cherry Fudge
Seaside Caramel

To celebrate the launch of Hudsonville Ice Cream pints, we made March 6 our official Pint Day, commemorating it with one of our biggest giveaways yet! For 24 hours starting March 6 at 7 AM, we’ll be giving away all seven flavors in our entire pint lineup to one lucky winner, every hour, on the hour, for an entire day!

If you were one of our winners, would you keep your favorite flavors and share the rest with family and friends, or stash them in your freezer to enjoy anytime you want? There’s no wrong way to enjoy a pint, just a bunch of right ones!

When will Hudsonville Ice Cream pints be available and where can I find them?

Our new pints will be popping up in select stores across the Midwest this spring. Be sure to keep a lookout and let us know where you find them! We’ll also be giving away free pints at events we’re planning throughout the year to give fans even more opportunities to enjoy our ice cream.

Let’s raise a pint to our newest adventure here at Hudsonville. Here’s to making life’s everyday moments even sweeter!