98% of Chicagoans are made of this

Now we know what Chicagoans are made of: ice cream. A full 98% of those surveyed* indulge in the creamy, cold confection.

But that’s where their similarities end. Respondents had definite opinions on cones versus cups. Favorite flavors. Best pairings.

Some even revealed their dubious grasp of how the stuff is made. (Fact: 10% agreed that cows need to be chilled when they are milked for ice cream.)

For nearly a century, Hudsonville Ice Cream of Holland, Michigan has been making some of the finest artisanal ice cream in the Upper Midwest. Now that they’re bringing their 50+ flavors of genuine goodness to the Chicago market, they needed insights on local cravings, generational preferences – and even sacred cows, so to speak.

Check out the full infographic here:

*According to a live survey conducted in April 2018 of a sample of 504 adults, ages 18 and older. All respondents live in the Chicago DMA. Statistical accuracy: +/- 5%.